Sunday, March 27, 2011


So I am not sure about you, but I don't really understand the whole cupcake fad. Don't get me wrong, cupcakes are great and all, but I often find that the mountain of frosting is just a bit much for me. The question is, why is there not a cookie fad? TV shows, food carts, hundreds of little shops opening up, all just about cookies? They are equally capable of incorporating a variety of different flavors. Following this thought, I started with the regular martha and then developed the spicy martha. Now, introducing the cardamartha! Cardamartha is just the basic recipe + cardamom.

Cardamom is great! Look:

In order to get the cardamom flavor into the cookie, I took two routes. First, I melted the butter separately from the chocolate and let it hang out with several while cardamom pods:

After a bit I removed the pods and then incorporated the chocolate and followed along with the rest of the recipe as usual. I think the next time I might even want to dry roast the pods a little before adding the butter.

Then after laying out the dough on the cookie sheet, I split open a few pods to get at the seeds which I then sprinkled on top of the cookies before putting them in the oven:

Unfortunately, the cookies got a little toasted, I think because I put them on the bottom rack of the oven. But they were still pretty delicious after scraping a bit of the bottom off.

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  1. who is eating all the delicious foods?
    idea: cookies can be mailed to friends