Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Taco Taco

I made these tacos on two different days a while back but hadn't got around to posting it here.

Fish Tacos Made Easy
I wanted to do some quick fish tacos and decided to go with some pan fried cod along with poblano pepper, corn, guacamole, and some of the salsa from the last posting.

I started by roasting some poblano peppers over the open flame on the stove:

Once they were nice and blacked I tossed them in a sealed glass container to let them sweat a bit before peeling the skin off and chopping them up.

Then I chopped up some tomato, jalape√Īo, and some corn to add to the poblano peppers.

After pan frying the cod, I tossed in the rest of the ingredients and cooked for a few minutes.

I heated two corn tortillas in a pan and then prepared the taco!

Sausage Taco!

After the first round of tacos I still had some tortillas left, so more tacos!

I also had more corn and wanted more poblano. So I combined corn, tomato, hot pepper, with some sausage that I initially pan fried. The tortillas were prepared with goat cheese and then layered with the roasted poblano and the remaining ingredients. Look!

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