Thursday, June 23, 2011


My CSA is now in summer mode so I am getting deliveries every week. It seems they've had a pretty wet spring with the wettest April and May on record which caused flooding on some farms in the area. Today was the second delivery of the summer share that I am signed up for.

Included in the CSA were a bunch of garlic scapes. These are the green part of garlic that grows above the ground, they are only in season for a short bit of time, and are a bit like scallions but for garlic! They have a nice garlic flavor, but slightly more mild.

I decided to make some shrimp sautéed with garlic and dried hot pepper along with some chopped scapes.

Prepare several cloves of garlic and some chopped scapes:

Sauté some garlic and dried hot pepper in olive oil:

Add the shrimp and the chopped scapes:

Toss in some cooked spaghetti and serve:

I made a small salad to go along with it using the greens from the CSA topped with some sautéed scapes. So easy!

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  1. I would say: food de fafa eScapes!
    make the next one funny please